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Residential ENDURACHIP Services

Marblelife’s ENDURACRETE ENDURACHIP coatings are your answer to cracked, spalling, dull or dirty concrete. ENDURACHIP flooring is easy to clean, offers industrial-grade durability, and protects against heavy foot and vehicle traffic while still giving you a customizable, strong, low-maintenance floor. We offer multiple design options to suit any of your design needs. With slip-resistant finish or a high build epoxy for a smooth floor, ENDURACHIP flooring can be customized to meet your design and functional needs.

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Preparation is the first and most important step in applying our Epoxy Flooring system. We know the importance of installing our coatings over fully prepared concrete surfaces. Because of this, we spend over two-thirds of our time preparing your concrete before we start coating it. With an adequately prepared concrete surface, our epoxy coatings will bond with your concrete to create a durable, long-lasting floor.

Our ENDURACHIP combine the durability of epoxy floors with the style and customization of colorful epoxy flakes. Epoxy Flakes come in different sizes and colors, giving you seemingly endless options of how to design your epoxy garage floor. Use different colored and size flakes to create a unique, colorful, and durable epoxy flake floor you’ll certainly love.

This system is highly recommended for:


  • We provide you with the most efficient and trained staff in all the new processes out there, by training our staff in our state-of-the-art R&D Facility in Sanford Florida so that we can bring expert restoration to your doorstep.
  • We can handle any situation that you need. Don't believe us? Just check out our trusted clients such as, Rockefeller Center, J. Paul Getty Museum, Ford World Headquarters, Grand Central Station, Marriott, and Ritz Carlton.
  • We do the tough work so you don't have to. Oftentimes we see that clients that believe their surface is dirty, when actually it is damaged. Our free assessments can save you hundreds of hours of scrubbing something that may never look clean without professional service.
  • We will restore your floors, vanities, showers, and even counters to pristine condition. With more than 1000 restorations a month, MARBLELIFE is the largest residential services provider in the world.
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MARBLELIFE® restores and maintains more hotels and commercial buildings stone and hard surface floors every month than anyone else in the country. With 30 years’ experience, and more than 50 locations, we deliver world class results with local MARBLELIFE trained and certified stone craftsmen.

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Our Value Statement

We sincerely believe that our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our company is the primary basis for our survival in the marketplace. We believe in the worth and potential of every individual. Every person we empower to achieve his or her potential will bring MARBLELIFE® closer to achieving its potential as a leader in our industry.

We understand that our principal product is one of service to our customers, our community, and each other as members of the MARBLELIFE® family. We believe that we are our own best competitors... getting things done, overcoming adversity, growing through vision, and doing the challenging is something we welcome with enthusiasm.

Over the past 30+ years, MARBLELIFE® has become the largest stone restoration and maintenance company in North America, and expanding globally. Our growth is built upon and driven by the referrals and satisfaction of each client we work with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What color options do I have with Endurachip?
We have 6 of our most popular colors shown in this downloadable information sheet.

If these colors are not what you are looking for, please meet with your local MARBLELIFE office to see what other colors or treatments may be available.
How do I hide patches and cracks in my concrete so that I have a uniform appearance?
If you have had concrete cracks repaired, you are aware that the repair remains visible. Concrete polishing and concrete staining will still allow the crack repair to be seen unless one installs an overlayment first.

There are two ways to dress up your concrete floor and restore a clean, uniform, beautifully accented appearance.

COATINGS - The first is to consider a concrete coating such as MARBLELIFE’s ENDURACRETE ENDURACHIP or MARBILIZED coating. Both of these features provide you the ability to introduce color and convert your concrete floor into a showroom. These are popular choices for our clients who own classic cars or sports cars as well as those seeking a large open space for social gatherings.

OVERLAYMENT – If you want a POLISHED CONCRETE or STAINED-&-POLISHED appearance, without seeing the cracks, or history of prior spills, or cross hatch as one will need to install a thin overlayment, a micro-topping if you will. This virgin material hides the prior concrete surface history and provides a clean stainable uniform and polishable surface. As such, there is always a way. If you are set on that stained-and-polished look or have had someone attempt this and how it accentuates the negative history on the floor we have a way to get you where you want to be.

The garage is the largest area other than the basement in many homes. Dressing up the garage can create an alternate entertainment area for the big game, an buffet or the kids. Marry a closet makeover and this becomes a beautiful space.

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Specialty Cleaners and Sealers formulated to provide exceptional results without damaging or etching your marble or travertine surfaces.

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Specialty Cleaners and Sealers formulated to allow your granite’s natural beauty to shine without burying it under damaging waxes and oils. Be sure to re-seal every 2 years to avoid potential expensive staining.

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Our showers see moisture, soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, conditioners, hard water and mold spore interactions daily, making it one of the harder surfaces to maintain… unless you have the right products for the job. MARBLELIFE sealers, cleaners and specialty products for shower care.

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Have a hotel or commercial property? MARBLELIFE can provide service programs for 1 to 100 properties throughout our network of 50+ locations worldwide.

Whether its one location or a 100 across the USA, we can cover them all
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